• Large size: Cat. T.I. 130039/PVD/L
• Small size: Cat. T.I. 130039/PVD/S

This gauge is different from the standard SPG due to the NEW PVD TREATMENT over the double chrome mirror plating of the case, to ensure the best looking and maximum protection against corrosion, in fact PVD is 300 times harder than chrome. Brass housing with tempered glass gives extreme durability and a chance to use with no cover protection due to double welding and copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism that never goes out of calibration even with hard shock.

The gauge is used often in technical diving and has a high level of accuracy and reliability.

Preferred for its simplicity by many technical divers or divers who follow the DIR training philosophy.

Manufactured in Italy and certified according to EN250:2014 & European Regulation 2016/425.


Metric: 300 bar, 360 bar, 400 bar, 450 bar
Imperial: 5000 psi, 5500 psi

• Also available in a double scale


• Black dial with fluorescent numbers and needle available on request
• Oxygen clean on demand
• Laser engraved specifications according to EN 250

• Available in two sizes – small & large.
– Large: Diam. 63 mm / 2.5” Cat. T.I. 130039/PVD/L
– Small: Diam. 52 mm / 2” Cat. T.I. 130039/PVD/S


Large: 244 g / 8.61 oz
Small: 203 g / 7.16 oz


Small and Large sizes:
• Diam. 52 mm / 2”
• Diam. 63 mm / 2.5”