A long lasting heritage.
Proudly made in Italy.

Long established in the market of the industrial gauges, the set up of the company dates back to the thirties of the last century, Termo Industria first developed a prototype of pressure gauge for diving as early as 1960.


1934 was the year Termo Industria was founded with the development of the first industrial thermometers and pressure gauges.


1960 was the year when scuba diving in its modern form began. By the mid-1960s, the majority of divers were employing single-hose regulators, wetsuits, and other commercially available gear.


From 1990 – the production of underwater instruments became Termo Industria’s core business.

1934 – Termo Industria was founded.

In the last century the sport of diving was just beginning. Since 1960 we have been dedicated to producing safe and reliable diving instruments.

In testament to our diving equipment’s reliability, our underwater pressure gauges
are certified according to EN250:2014
(+ EN13949:2003 for O2 versions) and European Regulation 2016/425 and our
depth gauges according to EN13319.

Expertise in diving-instruments making from over a century ago.

Great focus on the quality of our analog gauges and diving instruments: the combination of 100 years of gauge-making expertise and our passion for scuba diving results in diving instruments that is tested and trusted by recreational divers, technical divers and leading brands alike.


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