Cat. T.I. 130027/E

With a brand new design, the EVO LINE is the third generation of SPG mini line gauge boot. Thanks to the special processing of the mold, the EVO LINE cover is much softer and more comfortable, but at the same time, it has a higher grip and a stronger impact resistance.

The EVO LINE is very easy to read and its rounded profile brings out its ergonomic shape and exalts its proficiency.

This combo features a 3 gauge console:
Pressure gauge
Depth gauge on the front
2K Compass in-line

Compass features as Cat. T.I. 130010
MDI features as Cat. T.I. 130007
SPG features as Cat. T.I. 130012


Metric: 400 bar – 70 m
Imperial: 5000 psi – 220 ft

• Also available with a double scale
• Increments of 10 bar / 100 psi and 1 m / 5 ft all over the scale


• Black dial with fluorescent numbers and needle available on request
• Standard Thermoplastic Hose 80 cm (32”): Cat. T.I. 130027/E
• Also available with Miflex Hose: Cat. T.I. 130027/MFX
• Available with Hose Protector
Various hose lengths on request starting from 15 cm


389 g / 13.72 oz


SPG: diam. 50 mm / 2”
MDI: diam. 50 mm / 2”
Compass: diam. 50 mm / 2”