Cat. T.I. 130055

Cerakote is generally used on guns & rifles to extend their longevity and is a specialized coating composed of a polymer≠ceramic compound that provides and enhances physical components including:
Providing abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance
• Improving strength and durability

The ceramic composite crafts a hard, solid finish so if dropped it can withstand impacts scratches, and dings.

Cerakote is a great finish to give both a nice look and a durability upgrade.

Manufactured in Italy and certified according to EN250:2014 & European Regulation 2016/425.


Metric: 300 bar, 360 bar, 400 bar, 450 bar
Imperial: 5000 psi, 5500 psi

• Also available with a double scale


• RED Cat. T.I. 130055/S/RD
• GREEN Cat. T.I. 130055/S/GN
• YELLOW Cat. T.I. 130055/S/YL
• BLUE Cat. T.I. 130055/S/BL

• Black dial with fluorescent numbers and needle available on request
• Oxygen clean on demand
• Stainless-steel or black PVD ring
• Laser engraved specifications according to EN 250


203 g / 7.16 oz


Diam. 52 mm / 2”