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Diam. 63 mm / 2.5”

Copper Beryllium diaphragm;

Rack and pinion movement for smooth and precise operation;

340° degrees scale with wide reading in the first half of the scale;

Adjustable screw for diving in altitude;

Luminous easy to read dial design;

Maximum depth red indicator easy to reset.

Available Graduations:

50 mt Full scale;

70 mt Full scale;

80 mt Full scale;

Red marking 3-6-9 mt;

Increment 1 mt.

150 feet;

230 feet;

Red marking 10-20-30 feet;

Increment 5 feet.

Accuracy to DIN EN 13319. Imperial and dual graduation available


Personalized dial with logo;

Rubber strap wrist cover for MDI Depth Gauge (see Spare Parts, page 38);

Combo mounting;

Capsule only.

MDI Depth Gauge - Wrist Model:

Weight: 140 gr / USA: 4.93 oz;

Cat. T.I. 130040.

MDI Depth Gauge - Capsule only:

Weight: 85 gr / USA: 2.99 oz;

Cat. T.I. 130040/C.

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