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Our history

Termo Industria – The diving equipment experts

Dario, Bruno and Fabio Smadelli

Dario , Bruno and Fabio Smadelli (second & third generation) in 1994

A leading manufacturer of scuba diving equipment, Termo Industria s.r.l. was established over a century ago. Originally producing pressure gauges and thermometers, today we manufacture a range of scuba gear that also includes depth gauges, combo consoles and compasses, as well as spare parts, including HP hoses, Miflex hoses, dials and more. Our third-generation, family-run business prides itself on the quality of our analog gauges and diving instruments: the combination of 100 years of gauge-making expertise and our passion for scuba diving results in diving equipment that is tried and trusted by recreational divers, technical divers and leading brands alike.

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Francesco, Fabio,  Dario and Federico Smadelli (third and fourth generation) in 2020

At Termo Industria, we rely on our extensive experience, which we have been expanding on since the pioneering years of scuba diving. Along with our interest in modern innovations and technology, our profound knowledge of diving means we understand the demands of today’s scuba diver, and the need for faultless precision, reliability and value in their scuba gear. In testament to our diving equipment’s reliability, our underwater pressure gauges are certified according to EN250 and our depth gauges according to EN131319.


In addition to submersible and professional compasses, thermometers, pressure gauges and depth gauges, Termo Industria also manufactures a range of combo consoles, featuring a range of different combinations of analog gauges and compasses – every diver is sure to find their ideal dive console among them.


Here at Termo Industria, we are proud to continue providing divers worldwide with exceptional dive gear and we hope you enjoy diving with it as much as we do.

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Set up as a manufacturer of pressure gauges and thermometers one century ago, Termo Industria s.r.l. has been involved in the underwater industry since the pioneering years up to the present time.


Family run by the third generation, Termo Industria offers a wide range of instruments for diving. Its know-how meets all the demands of:

  • Leading Brands

  • Recreational divers

  • Technical divers


Certified according to EN250 for underwater pressure gauges and following specifications EN131319 for depth gauges. All our instruments are produced in line with the CE Directives, and every production stage is monitored by means of the strictest quality controls.
From brass processing with CNC machines tools to welding, assembly and final underwater testing, each gauge is tested individually to ensure maximum diver safety during the dive.

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