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Submersible Pressure Gauges

A submersible pressure gauge, or scuba SPG, is an essential piece of dive gear for any scuba diver. Available as a stand-alone instrument or as part of a combo diving console, the ideal pressure gauge is lightweight, ergonomic and simple to use, providing the diver with a clear, accurate reading of how much air is left in their tank to ensure they end their dive before their air supply runs too low.

Analog scuba diving pressure gauges

For optimal reliability, Termo Industria produces analog scuba diving pressure gauges, all of which are available in various formats that are easily and securely attached to ensure the wearer has quick and constant access at all times when underwater. Our gauges are suitable for recreational and technical divers alike, and are renowned for their high-quality and ease of use.
Termo Industria’s range of mechanical gauges includes easy-to-read, lightweight SPG’s that are reliable and long-lasting. All of our scuba gear is also streamlined and lightweight, ensuring your utmost comfort while diving.

Pressure gauge

Our gauges are available in various combinations and with many optional extras, including such features as HP hoses, Miflex hoses, plastic-rubber coating, an additional compass, a stainless steel shackle, brass casing and a range of BAR/PSI graduations, not to mention tempered glass, hose protectors, varying hose lengths, personalized logos, various colours, preparation for nitrox use and much more.

Our range offers a gauge to suit every requirement. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your individual diving and SPG needs.

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