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CE TYPE + COMPASS large & small size

Diam. 63 mm / 2.5” - Diam. 52 mm / 2”

All one piece brass body;

Inner mechanism: copper beryllium coiled;

Bourdon tube;

Rack and pinion movement for smooth and

precise operation;

Polycarbonate transparent window;

Plastic-rubber cover with loop for fixing;

Northern hemisphere zone or southern

hemisphere calibration.

Available Graduations:

300 - 360 - 400 - 450 BAR Full scale.

Standard Hose: 80 cm / 32”;

Imperial and dual graduation available;

Graduation display;

Luminous easy to read dial design;

Red zone from 0 to 50 BAR;

Increments 10 BAR all over the scale.


Tempered glass;

Thermometer on dial;

Hose protector;

Hose length on demand from 150 mm;

Logo personalized dial;

Cover in wide range of colours;

Capsule only or full assembly;

with HP hose and cover;

Combo mounting;

Nitrox use.

SPG + HP hose in compliance with EN 250


Suggested use only by individuals trained

and certified by a recognized Scuba Training


Nitrox use is not covered by EN 250.

CE TYPE + COMPASS large size,

Diam. 63 mm - 2.5”:

Cat. T.I. 130036/C/L.

CE TYPE + COMPASS small size,

Diam. 52 mm - 2”:

Cat. T.I. 130036/C/S.

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