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Dive confidently with Termo Industria gauges

Long established in the market of the industrial gauges, the set up of the company dates back to the twenties of the last century, Termo Industria first developed a prototype of pressure gauge for diving as early as 1960.

The new sport of scuba diving was just at the start and ever since we have been dedicated to manufacturing safety and reliable instrumentation for diving.

Over the years, the divers got more and more confident with our gauges and we earned the respect of the diving community worldwide.

Our line of products includes mechanical gauges such as pressure gauges, depth gauges and compasses.

A wide choice of options allows the diver to create a console according to his own specific needs.

All our instruments are produced in line with the CE Directives, and every production stage is monitored by means of the strictest quality controls.

From brass processing with CNC machines tools to welding, assembly and final underwater testing, each gauge is tested individually to ensure maximum diver safety during the dive.

All our instruments may be personalized with the customer's logo upon request.